nugget – Mission, Product, Team

Get Smarter in 5 Seconds: Swipe Through the World’s Best Books

nugget is a highly visual app that helps you discover, remember and share the best content of books that make you better.

We’ve started nugget on the 8th of February 2015 with just a SlideShare and a simple landing page. An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) we used to validate if there is some interest in these type of nuggets.

Our Mission: Improve the world through compressed knowledge.

Our experiment was a successful one so we put together a top team and started working on what is nugget today – native mobile app for iOS and Android, with a robust back end, a clear branding, a customer facing website, a content team & strategy to keep bringing the best nuggets, book summaries and reviews and of course a growth plan to reach world domination.

There’s no I in Team

We’ve managed to put together an amazing team in a short time. It’s a very agile and fun to work with team.

Ovi Negrean – Co-founder & Chief nugget

Tudor Moldovan – Co-founder & Design nugget

Vlad Hosu – Co-founder & Technical nugget

Dorin Simina – Co-founder & Mobile nugget

Ilinca Covreag – Content nugget

We also have a large team of contributors that are crucial to getting all these priceless nuggets. We thank them all.

If you’re looking for a Press Kit, you can find it here.