Untethered Soul: A Quick Summary of Michael A. Singer’ book

The Untethered Soul

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer

What if….? This is how existentialist questions start. The answer leads you, almost always, to a new self.

“The Untethered Soul” is not just any book which promotes an exploration of person’s inner space, it is about life duties. Whether you are at the beginning of self-inquiry process or not it doesn’t matter; by devoting your life to a higher purpose – the inward journey to happiness will automatically start. Initially, every individual should become skeptical about its surroundings; your life is not a product for disposable use. Change your life, transform how people perceive you and strengthen your relationship with the world by becoming emotionally available. Is there anything more important than freedom?

Michael A. Singer will help you discover how a person can end the disturbing thoughts. Every individual continuously strives to put a stop to the negative thoughts and other sensations emotions (consciously or unconsciously) that control your fake personality or the “I” consciousness. The summary of Michael A. Singer’s book is more than capable of introducing you to the basics of meditation and mindfulness, the author (spiritual teacher) shows that even you can practice being more aware. Just take a quick scan of this book and allow the present moment to take full responsibility for your life. Don’t fight with the past, just let it pass you like the wind in autumn; the painful thoughts will soon become a distant memory and not an obstacle that keeps you away from achieving real happiness.

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What if you let go of boundaries and build a new path towards your dreams and expectations?


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What if you could release yourself from fears and limitations, and be as free as a bird in the sky?

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