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Think and Grow Rich – one masterpiece, two authors, by Napoleon Hill, Dr. Arthur R. Pell

The converging point of the old school with the new school of building successful businesses. The Landmark Bestseller updated and revised for 21th century.

If Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is one of your first personal development books that you ever read, I bet you’ll ask almost louder:


'Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved.' @Napoleon_Hill Click To Tweet

Who is Napoleon Hill? A successful consultant to business leaders, Lecturer. Author. But this book says more about him. About his approaches. About his ways of thinking.

Find below the summary of book and some of the most relevant nuggets (visual quotes from books).

Honestly, after reading Think and Grow Rich, I was extremely surprised by all the motivational speeches preached by Napoleon Hill, when? In 1937?

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Revised and expanded by the national known author – Dr. Arthur R. Pell, Think and Grow Rich is still tremendously actual. In fact, by this revised edition. Dr. Pell only brings some examples from our current society of people that gained success following some of Napoleon Hill’s methods. But the structure of the book remains the same.

Initially, this book was considered more like an experiment, or a very elaborate research. With the help of Andrew Carnegie, one of the most successful business people of that time, Napoleon Hill managed to get access to more and more rich people. And so, he had the opportunity to interview 500 of them and extract the main ideas that they had in common about being successful, handling failure or gaining wealth.

'Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved.' @Napoleon_Hill Click To Tweet

Around this sentence we can say that he built an empire in the early stages of personal development. And that’s long before we started thinking about concepts like positive thinking, the law of attraction or positive affirmations.

The book has 16 chapters structured in the shape of several steps that you need to take in order to get rich or obtain anything you want. But this is beyond the theory. This is more about experience and success revealed by plenty of examples of successful approaches. And the cool thing about this book is that you can take many of the ideas and apply them in other fields as well.

“Every chapter of this book mentions the money-making secret that has made fortunes for more than 500 exceedingly wealthy people whom I have carefully analysed over a long period of years”

Power of thought. Desire and faith. Imagination. Sixth Sense. Those are the main key concepts that will guide your attention while you are reading Think and Grow Rich.

The book starts with this title: “The Power of Thought”. This chapter is about introspection and lessons learnt. After reading it, step by step you’ll find out that the book is actually teaching us how we can transform thoughts into physical things.

“Truly, ‘thoughts are things’, and powerful things at that, when mixed with purpose, persistence and a burning desire for their translation into riches or other material objects.”

In the core of this writing we find the process of transforming thoughts or dreams that we have into concrete plans. We’ll learn about how we could fire them up with an infinite amount of desire and transform them into reality. The concepts of Subconscious Mind and Autosuggestion are explained. And that’s because we need to be, in a way, guardians of our thoughts.We need to use all the resources we have in order to obtain the desired success.

People may gain control of themselves and their environment

“People may gain control of themselves and their environment because they have the power to influence their own subconscious minds, and through it gain the cooperation of Infinite Intelligence.”

There is one aspect that I think will impress all the readers. The personal story of the author and his experience with his son, who was born without ears and had major difficulties in his childhood because of this impairment.

You’ll definitely be impressed by the way Napoleon Hill reported himself and how he adjusted his attitude in order to face this situation. Just take this quote as an example of his perception of the handicap his son had:

“Handicaps can be converted into stepping stones on which one may climb towards some worthy goal, unless they are accepted as obstacles and used as alibis”.

I am sure you will be amazed by the power of faith and positive affirmations that you can distinguish from his story.

The chapters take us through the main steps that we have to take in order to gain the wealth or the position that we desire. In fact, Desire and Faith are clearly explained in two separate chapters of the book, along with little tips and tricks about how we can increase these elements: “Desire, backed by faith knows no such word as impossible.”

Desire, backed by faith knows no such word as impossible

Napoleon Hill also talks about the importance of Imagination and how necessary it is in our way of achieving what we desire, “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds”.

But even with all these aspects like faith, desire, imagination, there is still a need for more concrete action.

Definite purpose, and definite plans.. These will be the prerogatives to achieve a set of actions in order to step in the right direction:”Ideas can be transmuted into cash through the power of definite purpose, plus definite plans”. You will also find advice about how to fight procrastination and, equally important, about how to be persistent in your actions.

The final chapters will help you immerse in a discussion about the brain and how our different types of thoughts are perceived. About the importance of understanding and taking into consideration the so called “Sixth Sense”. And also about the importance of conquering our main fears.

“Worry is a form of sustained fear caused by indecision, therefore it is a state of mind which can be controlled.”

This book represents the basis of the concept Mastermind Group, which is still used today by leaders and managers around the world. It basically promotes the idea that in order to be successful you do not need to have all the information. It is however imperative to surround yourself by people who have specialized knowledge in various fields. And it’s important to have regular meetings with them in order to develop business ideas or innovative concepts/things.

“You must have the advantage of the experience, education, natural ability and imagination of other minds.”

“The Devil’s Workshop”- the concept of negative influences and how you can protect yourself from them. This will be the last station in the journey of reading Think and Grow Rich.

“Your mind is your spiritual estate! Protect and use it with the care to which divine royalty is entitled. You were given a willpower for this purpose.”

Throughout the entire book, as concepts are explained, you will also have access to examples of people who applied those concepts. After reading it you’ll be able to understand how they managed to transform their financial situation and gain wealth.

This is not my first personal development book. But from my perspective “Think and Grow Rich” offers the most logical explanations about how we act and react when it comes to money. And it provides us a clear plan for what we can do in order to make our dreams become reality.

The fact that it has such a rich basis and a documentation of decades of interviews makes it even more valuable.

When you begin to think and grow rich

“When you begin to think and grow rich, you will observe that riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little or no hard work.”

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