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The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million by Mark Roberge

Reading Mark Roberge’s book –The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million made me feel a little bit odd.

Why odd? I have almost six years of experience in sales. So after reading this book, I’ve realized that so many ideas presented here are the opposite of almost everything that I’ve learned all this time.

Using a mathematical approach, Mark Roberge made from his book a real guideline for anyone who wants to succeed in selling to businesses.


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His manner of writing also draw my attention: well structured, very simple and easy to follow.

 “A blueprint for how you can effectively hire, train, and manage a high-performing sales team.”

As Mark Roberge says, this blueprint for human resourcing has five main parts.

In the first part – The Sales Hiring Formula – the author reveals the most important abilities needed in a sales team. He explains all the steps needed to follow in searching for the perfect candidates for this job.

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If you have enough experience in the sales area, you’ll definitely agree with that. Because the most important skill of a good salesperson is to bring value to the business for a long, long time.

„Finding a top salesperson, one who will bring in hundreds of big customers for years to come, helps win the war.”

Have you ever wondered what are the main skills a recruiter is looking for in jobs interviews? Your answer is here. And if you need to prepare for a job interview you better read this before. Following Mark’s advice you’ll discover new ways to approach a meeting like this. His goal is to redesign the salesperson’s image and to redefine the salesperson’s duties is in the technology era.

In the second part of The Sales Training Formula – Mark Roberge teaches us how a business can stay on top for a long time. His advice is to improve the sales skills of employees through training programs. But pay attention, because it isn’t just an ordinary training. You have to check with every employee what skills to train and what quality to improve.

Sales Acceleration Formula

For guaranteed success a good employee needs to have skills like:

Coachability – this skill is important because a sales career means coaching all the time using new strategies, new products, new abilities and so on.

Curiosity – is the ability that makes a salesperson discover everything about his customers, and all this knowledge gives him all the info needed to understand and guide his customer in the right direction.

Prior Success – “a history of top performance or remarkable achievement.”

Intelligence – without this skill no one could understand complex products and strategies. And the lack of knowledge could destroy the entire work. The most affected will be the customer relation and the company’s image.

Work Ethic – “proactively pursuing the company mission with a high degree of energy and daily activity.”

“Aggression and strong objection handling ability, had the worst correlation with success.”

The next three parts of the book are about the company culture and long-term decisions. Motivating employees is a good strategy. This will help you to be sure that everyone gives everything for the company’s prosperity. In fact, the motivational culture in your company can make a difference and bring long lasting results.

But a company that wants to succeed in business also needs a good marketing strategy. A strategy that is up to date with technology. That is dynamic in the online media. The customer evolution is a fact that can’t be ignored. After all, we’re also customers in different contexts.

Sales Acceleration Formula

Think about it: what is the first thing you do when you want to buy something? These days we first search online. Google seems to be the first reliable friend that we think of. Only after some time spent on searching we finally buy what we need. That’s why all businesses have to keep up with this evolved customer. They have to make available and visible the offer to their target.

If you’ve ever been in the position to manage human resources of your company, you know how important it is for a company to have a great innovation culture. How to achieve that – you’ll find out in this book. You also have to be prepared to learn how great ideas could be found in the executive’s teams.

Only a strategy like this that brings long term results, makes sure that the company has an innovation culture and enough transparency for all employees. Why should we be focused on these kinds of things? First of all, because a good innovation culture could bring changes that may create advanced products or selling strategies.

The Sales Acceleration Formula also provides plenty of information about promoting your business online and how you can bring traffic to your site. Simple and actionable steps for scheduling the right actions and designing a wise plan for your business.

All these strategies are the path for business success. Mark has a strategic mind and a realistic point of view. He makes a list of changes that have occurred once this online era was born.

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This turned us into more aware and more informed clients during the buying process. In this perpetually changing world it’s getting harder and harder for sellers to accomplish their goals. In order to succeed, sale zones need intelligent people to do this job.

“The Internet’s rise in prominence has caused a shift in power from the salesperson to the buyer.”

Experience so far, has changed the vendor’s perception. Customers are more suspicious when they are approached directly by vendors. They prefer to be the ones who take the first step towards the seller.

Through the eyes of the author, this book is meant to teach, prove and predict plenty of interesting things about the sales field. But above all these, Mark Roberge is designing a brand-new image for the salespersons. He’s doing his duty to change, win more trust for vendors and bring more awareness of the salesperson qualities in the eyes of customers.

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