How I got the founder of PayPal, James Altucher and Guy Kawasaki to be my mentors.

some of my mentors - Peter Thiel, James Altucher, Guy Kawasaki

Entrepreneurship can be a hard and lonely game. You have many different alternatives and options to grow your business, but most of them won’t work. You won’t know on which to focus and you are not aware of your lack of knowledge. The tricky business is that you are not always sure of your decisions. Even though these individuals continue with their fantastic performance on a professional level, some of us are keen to know some of their secrets, and “trade routes”.

Before you make any rash decisions why not grow and start thinking big? What does this mean? Well, these guys had insights on what the world needs, the inventiveness derived from this discovery. In other words, you must research, and design alternatives that can take you to the top. What gets you excited when the term business or entrepreneurship is mentioned? All of these things matter because they allude to all aspects of a successful financial endeavor.

Obstacles during this push are common, especially in the early stage. However, your attention must be pointed at long-term benefits and ultimately profits. Do you want to be an inspiration for someone? If so, get prepared for a rough journey with a single goal in mind – to surpass yourself!!

Learn from top-notch mentors, and implement some of their strategies into your business.

This is why it’s crucial to have a group of mentors who can guide your way – so you can learn from their previous experiences – and help you reach new heights.

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