How to Become Your Own Master On the Shortness of Life

On The Shotrness of Life

On the Shortness of Life by Seneca

This “Seneca old fellow” jumped through our motivational nuggets by remembering what stands at the bottom of all great ideas. This book gets us back to the essence.

Don’t search for nowadays concepts such as: entrepreneurship, business strategies, leadership or overcoming failures. Save your energies for something bigger than this.


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Try this time something more classic, simple but at least as strong. Try: posterity, life, mortality, fortune, goal and self-consciousness.

How to live your life and how to die – those are the hardest lessons to be learnt. And in Seneca ‘s perspectives – usually it takes the whole life to do this.

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Seneca’s approach to life is harshly straight. It is like an endless mirror that gives you no escape from the truth. What stands in your power and what doesn’t? What makes you weak and what makes you strong? Which rules should we obey? Which rules should be broken?

Each nugget is like “the thought of the day”. So much power in it. So shareable. So debatable.

Join us through this 30 nuggets’ journey and you’ll soon search for more. This is a promise.

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