Mindset: A Quick Summary of Carol S. Dweck’s book


Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

MINDSET. This is maybe the most popular concept nowadays. Lots of things seem to gravitate around it. Mindset seems to make you play the musical score in a whole new key and put success in a different light.

The world-renowned Stanford University psychologist, Carol Dweck, rewrites the theories of the psychology of success by bringing in the frontline mindset as the strongest concept. Her prerequisite is simple but powerful:



Looking beyond abilities and talent will help us approach success in a different way. The right perception of things like this is more than a debt that we owe to ourselves. It’s more a responsibility, equally to ourselves and to those we see as mentors – our kids, our students, our employees.

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Plenty of books talk about the fact that success comes from powerful thoughts. But Carol Dweck’s book is strongly dedicated to this topic. Mindset is a well-drawn map to success, just waiting to be discovered! And it’s most of all an invitation to introspection. Download the free pdf and check out our nuggets – you’ll definitely find out everything you need to become successful!

People have unique preferences, the sooner you realize, the better. Just like buying fruit, you can choose from apple, avocado, watermelon, blueberry, etc.  It all depends on what you need at this current moment, and that shapes your mindset. Intelligent individuals, for example, are often less-social than other ordinary people, they simply enjoy spending time with themselves. Others are more prone to scams, frauds and other dishonest activities.

Mindset is a difficult term to explain; Carol S. Dweck tries to get a hold off its truthfulness by seeking for an absolute definition. For thousands of years, philosophers, religious institutions, and scientists witnessed vast societal differences among the people. The only way to describe this weird behavior was to comprehend the relativeness of “Mindset.” The GetNugget’s book summary clarifies the main points from which a certain mindset is developed like parental upbringing, intelligence, level of education and genetics.

Initially, the readers must be familiar with the term called “fixed mindset.” It indicates a unflexible attitude without any openness to something new – person’s mind area of strictly established concepts. The opposite term is known by the name “growth mindset”- a new (more flexible) perspective is characteristic about this mindset.

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