The Nonprofit Membership Toolkit

Members reflect the strength of your customer base, making them a priority wouldn’t be such a bad idea. There are not many practical ways to build your membership, either fun or for profit.

In general, defining members isn’t an easy job, because they can cover many profiles or statuses – from ordinary people to experts. Donors, supporters, buyers, newcomers you name it. Organizations, these days have to think smart and act wisely, because no institution prefers to live on the verge of uncertainty. Without exception, all members regardless of their status contribute to the organizational growth.

Organizational boom must be your priority as a member, but it all depends on how you the system treats you, or what privileged access rights you have. Planning to build a membership-base? Here’s what you need to do. Identifying the key supporters or members drive by your vision. Organizations develop a need for representatives in order to:

  • Influence some area – For instance, if you’re attempting to install some system, or create a company in some distant city, people who live there will increase your chances of success.
  • Authority – Members are no underdogs; sometimes their political influence can produce value.
  • Know-how – Members often, donate their specialized expertise- unselfishly. If your membership base is filled with economists, lawyers or people in business, for example, there will be no shortage of real value. These experts will use their skills on a volunteer basis, to spread the organization’s influence.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing – Is there any stronger marketing tool than word of mouth? Imagine you are in a cinema, after the great movie you’ve just watched, the next thing most people would do is to share the experience they’ve had. The same publicity is achievable with well-established organizations whose members share their vision, and values.
  • Funding – The membership-system receive money from Individual donors- 80 percent of the time.

The book “The Nonprofit Membership Toolkit” offers unlimited access to valuable information for the nonprofit membership machines. The desperate need of money, political power, influence on a global scale, authority, credibility, workforce are just some of the aspects these organizations cover. During the surviving process, many other benefits or restrictions may appear as well; nothing is certain nor forbidden. The life of these membership-structures is filled with relativity, for the same reason members are prone to give up their membership. The authors introduce their readers with dozens of different recruiting members, online and offline.

Even though it may seem evident, but the definition of membership has some unexpected turns. This book will improve your decision-making abilities, those obvious mistakes you used to make, are going to disappear – one by one.  Most prominent one of all is failing to convert those people who desperately seek to gain membership privileges. As a fact-filled, straightforward, masterpiece, you’ll slowly work your way through any organizational obstacles due to the examples present in the book. Regardless your current profession, GetNugget warmly recommends this book to all people involved in some “groups”.

Who is this book for

Quite often people don’t have a clue on how to deal with all the organizational issues that occur along the way. Membership fever has struck this world. All the people are trying to join some organization that will take care of their interest. Facing challenges is perhaps the biggest advantage of these structures, and hence they must adopt a more flexible approach. Using different excuses to cover up the lack of political protection or influence is not a practical strategy, but sure is useful. Managing these nonprofit membership institutions takes time and energy, so before you start doing anything clearly thing about the purposes.

Don’t make any rash decisions is rule number one, enforce principles and norms should be the second in line – priority. Nevertheless, the reality is variable, it all depends on where you’re looking from. Funding is perhaps the most challenging process but still manageable one if the organization has no shortage of high-profile individuals. To be recognized as a nonprofit ethical association, several factors must be met. All aside, this book is a magnificent gift for the decision-making body in any company or corporation. It’s quite useful for the ordinary people too, those who are looking for a way to join, co-create, or create their own membership base.

Authors’ expertise and short biography

Ellis M.M. Robinson is known as an expert in membership development due to her 25 years of experience in all subjects related to it. As the current president of The Buttonwood Partnership, she enforced some practices on fundraising and management of nonprofit organizations. Kim Klein works as an author and editor, or explicitly editing this series of books. She also wrote a few books including “Fundraising for Social Change” and co-authored “Stir It Up”.

Key Lessons from “The Nonprofit Membership Toolkit”

1.      Membership status – importance
2.      Different methods to obtain membership
3.      The power of special appeals

Membership status – importance

More reliant members are the ones who are “giving everything” to obtain a more significant membership rank. Nevertheless, at no.1 spot goes to those money-sending members who support the processes – financially and ethically.

Different methods to obtain membership

Nowadays, memberships can be built across the ocean, on seven continents, meaning that the location doesn’t generate any boundaries like in middle-ages, for example. Expressing commitment and relating with the organizations tends to be the only method to solve some complex problems. To put it in another way, identifying these people as members, indicates that some work has been done on their part.

The power of special appeals

Special appeals are like short guide-books. They give information on numerous subjects to entice the members to respond and contribute to the mutually created task. One of the techniques to improve the response rate is to prefer long-letters rather than short ones.

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Presenting to Win

When you feel like expressing your feelings publicly, move amicably with the story. Perfect flow is vital – tell your story to explain the benefits that the audience will get.

The most potent weapon at your disposal should be the ability to present your opinions concisely. The presentation is not a rocket science but knowing how to start, what tricks to use and how to apply these tools is of significant value. The failures occur beyond measures due to the fact that several key takeaways are not taken into consideration. In addition, experts have identified the “Five Cardinal Sins” of illustrating some point: they are meaningless, irrelevant to the particular group, without flow, complicated and lengthy.

In the same fashion as anything else, the goal is to make the Target Group progress from point A to B. On the other hand; many people make mistakes because they look at it as a persuading process. The procedure of jumping from one step to the next is more prominent than influence one’s opinion. In favor of having a winning attitude – your chances of success increase. Above all, is the ability to make yourself clear and pithy as possible by paying extra attention to details will grant you the authority to become the next “Presentation Master”. The Internet has tons of information, but individuals often move from one site to another because they feel bored. Routine and consistency without any “shocking” turn of events make them spiritless. Use the same theory while conducting your presentations.

See beyond the restrictions of your perspective, look with the eyes of your audience, and you’ll get a more reliable point of view ( what to change, what to add, what to eliminate). You should strive for 2-sided conversation while presenting, not just confirmation on their behalf.  Make them eager to participate and share their outlook. That’s the whole idea of promoting yourself as a capable presenter. State loud and clear what you demand from your audience. In spite of having other priorities – coherent statement takes the pedestal without doubts. Make a clear distinction between the process of telling them what to do, and to realize by themselves. Go for option number two! Assess their benefits, and make them see the big picture. Avoid talking about your company’s features and what product will suit them the most. Get through one’s head and relate with your target group by establishing a deep connection.  

The lessons presented in this marvelous book have no limitations of who should read it and who should not. Nothing fancy is required on your part, make the presentation as short, and understandable as possible because it’s not about sharing knowledge but creating that special bond. The author of “Presenting to Win” Jerry Weissman applies the basic rules and ignores some out-of-box strategies in order to illustrate the value of a well-designed presentation. A point often overlooked is neglecting these techniques which can cause feelings of boredom and monotony. For a former TV-presenter, the author gets critics on self-promotion – without any necessity. GetNugget co-joins the search for a “perfect presentation” and prescribes this book to all knowledge-seekers from all four parts of the world.

Who is this book for

Every good book has a vision, by which everything else goes back and forth. In this case, the critical point is presented in a series of techniques on how to conduct a proper presentation. During the course of reading, you’ll encounter high-quality examples which will help you grow in the presentation-building-process. Promotion and self-promotion in the digital world are taking one step forward towards success and prosperity. The society compels us to present ourselves (something) in front of others and do it cautiously in order to receive respect from the community.

Involvement in presentations from both sides is crucial, don’t let them think, make them share their opinion on the subject freely. Create a questionnaire with closed-questions if you feel like that is the best way to connect with them. Although it may seem easy to attain, natural flow is the biggest “Killer” during presentations. Equally important is the first impression because you don’t get to have a second chance. Start with a meme or a quote which will make them laugh and relax. Remember the people don’t like business meetings, they prefer friendly chats. GetNugget highly recommends this book to people involved in HR or other jobs exposed to comprehensive discussions.

Author’s expertise and short biography

Jerry Weissman as an ex TV-presenter and an expert in presentation who has coached the top-notch companies such as Yahoo!, Intel, Compaq, Intuit, Cisco Systems, Microsoft on how to conduct presentations.

Key Lessons from “Presenting to Win”

1.      The enormous difference between document and presentation
2.      Use the support from your slides
3.      What does your audience know?

The enormous difference between document and presentation

The separation between presentation and a document is evident. For instance: a report is a mass of data, which gives the readers flexibility – to calculate, re-read, look back, analyze and many other things. The presentation is composed of key-points, relevant takeaways which illustrate an idea or theory.

Use the support from your slides

Can it get much worse than this scenario: The presenter reads the slides without passion? The slides are there to support your point, nothing more. The comprehensive analyzes must emerge from your mouth and enter people’s hearts. In other words, the slides should look after the speaker, not the other way around.

What does your audience know?

Make sure you’re not focusing on technicalities, bring the subject close to the listener. Draw a graph and evaluate the level of expertise suitable for your audience. If most of them are rookies regarding technology, avoid sharing too much technical knowledge.

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Blog Marketing

Blogging is a great optimization tool with the ability to affect businesses in numerous ways. Utilize the possibilities that the digital era reveals.

Marketing is all about whether you have access to valuable pieces of information. Communication between departments or at a business level is harder if there is a shortage of data. Your company must not be deprived of information about its stakeholders. Every entity tries to hide as many info as possible – mostly referring to negative ones. Blogging enables your associates to “spy” on others by paying extra attention to conversations related to your industry or company. The blogosphere or in other words the community of blogs, shares its thoughts on the benefits emerging from conduction blogging activities. Thousands of opportunities are available at any time; the companies need to find the perfect ratio between regular marketing activities and blogging.

What is the most common mistake that business do? – They hesitate! The risk aversiveness is currently the biggest enemy who closes the door to new possibilities. Don’t close the gate leading to profits! Hesitation is an attribute that decision-makers tend to have. A cowardice approach and fear of negative feedback can stimulate economic collapse, a real nightmare for every entrepreneur. Define what an unhappy customer is! It’s time to realize that “an unhappy customer is a happy customer waiting for a change” from you. In spite of blogging capabilities for growth, the policy your company has towards improvements and change is the difference between success and failure. It is like reading a closed book; a conservative enterprise will not allow the company to relate with customers truly – it produces a one-way street.

The lack of feedback and information is a dangerous policy; every trained marketer knows that engaging in conversations and interacting is the only route to prosperity. Regardless of your offerings, without a proper promotion, your company is just as good as the next one. Firms which took the next step and use blogs to spread their influence are sharing their thoughts on the “must-do” blogging. Show your customers that you care for them, share information about the product throughout digital evangelists – known as blogs. Don’t expect loyalty if you don’t give anything in return – communicate on a daily basis!

The blog family continues to multiply. At the present moment, according to a recently conducted research – more than 40 million blogs prevail on the Internet ( according to an unofficial investigation there are around 60 million). 200 million users read all kinds of content on a daily basis. With such high numbers, the author’s point needs no further explanation. A powerful word-of-mouth marketing is more beneficial than thousands of dollars spent on a marketing campaign. The author of “Blog Marketing” Jeremy Wright gives you a hint on how blogs can impact your business. If boosting of your brand seems like a priority to you, this book will do the trick. How to establish a more efficient CRM and improve communication at all levels. GetNugget highly recommends this book to marketers and other knowledge seekers who are thirsty to explore the secrets of blogging.

Who is this book for

Marketing is more than just advertising; it is also something bigger than a promotion. You have to realize that the true meaning of it is creativity. There are numerous ways in which you can promote yourself or your business. The author imparts wisdom by teaching you the basics of blogging and the benefits arising from it. Tools for doing business can be categorized in a variety of ways; this book emphasizes the significance of blog marketing and why every company needs to be a part of that process. Successful bloggers dedicate time to focus on other blogs, finding new ways to improve theirs and search relevant conversations related to the subject.

Once in awhile blogs communicate among each other. A perfect example is leaving comments in the section area; these effective interactions are of significant value. “Blog Marketing” encourages people to participate in the world of blogs, all it takes on your part is a dose of honesty, creativity, and ingenuity. If you haven’t got the time to engage in these activities entirely, there are other ways to get involved. You can try a simple method where your customers can interact among themselves, to receive responses to their questions and establish a profitable relationship. This book is highly recommended for every creative person or marketer eager to understand the “blogging enigma”.

Author’s expertise and short biography

Jeremy Wright was born on June 30th, 1979. Despite being known for his role as the president of a blog network, he also works as a blogging consultant, covering subjects related to communication and blog management.

Key Lessons from “Blog Marketing”

1.      The creation of an Internal blog
2.      Get involved in the blogging world
3.      The use of blogs

The creation of an Internal Blog

Today’s companies realized that blogs could work on an organization level as well. The establishment of internal blogs is becoming more popular in the 21st century. The employees are the only ones with access, which is often used to manage team projects or other activities.

Get involved in the blogging world

Transparent interactions between corporate blogs and customers are connected in many ways. The consumers can use them to share their opinion with the firm. The companies should listen and pay attention to their requirements if they want to improve. Angry comments require special attention!

The use of blogs

Businesses are always seeking new ways to improve their existing products. Can there be a better way than blogging, a place where everyone’s opinion matters? Blogs can stimulate great ideas by allowing the consumers to participate in the product/service creating process, through forums, comments, and reviews.

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The Power of a Positive No

Sometimes companies have to deal with complex situations without any guidance. Top-notch managers and other executives can say no – but meaning yes. It is an indispensable skill for any good motivator.

The job of one senior executive included a lot of time traveling. The circumstances led him to devastating health issues as a result of his many meals eaten in hundreds of different restaurants. It wasn’t food poisoning; his heart condition got worse to a point where he couldn’t eat anything in prepared with oil or butter. The risk was high, perhaps even life-threatening, according to the doctors. Every time the executive ordered something to eat, he would lay out specific instruction on the food-preparing process. The goal was to make sure that none of the food serving in the restaurant for him, had oil or butter. For the majority of times, his request was ignored, due to the unwillingness of the restaurant to prepare a special meal for an “unspecial” guest.

Considering the seriousness associated with a special treatment – something had to be one. Restaurants started losing their temper with this troublemaker, leading to a life-or-death kind of situation. The executive realized that if he contributes to the fire, the cooks will behave even worse and his demands will not be satisfied. Instead, he began looking for a creative way to overcome this problem. The solution was simple – whenever he received food prepared with oil or butter, he immediately drew a picture of his cardiovascular system on a napkin, explaining the importance of his request. He always repeated the same phrase (politely) – “My doctors say if I have any butter or oil, I’ll die,”

This story or life-altering experience is a key indicator on how to deal and forge healthy relationships with others for your sake. Leave your ego aside for a moment, and analyze the surroundings – perhaps the day will come when you’ll intuitively handle such problems.

Take another situation for example – How would you deal with a violent man who plans to kill his entire family because he lost his job? You are the police department representative or a negotiator and suddenly you’re witnessing an unemployed, desperate man who’s holding his wife and children hostage. For exchange of the life of his family, he requests the boss who fired him (without warning), so he can “administer justice.” How to handle this cold-blooded murder without endangering any civilians in the house? Put your “No” skills to the test!

The Positive “No” is a useful skill, even in a non-life-threatening situation. The author of “The Power of a Positive No” – William Ury is a powerful negotiator who ended bloody conflicts in all parts of the world. Here, he pinpoints a subtle tactic for handing over a “Positive No” regardless of the circumstances. This flexible approach will enable you to become a strong individual, a person with integrity who’s not afraid to present its opinions.

Who is this book for

This is not another self-help books whose purpose is widely known. The author designed it to answer questions related to self-management which is not the same as self-satisfaction. If you’re excited to learn more about “The Power of a Positive No” stay firm, don’t back down when you’re dealing with a dangerous situation. We as people have a habit to overreact, instead of approaching the problem carefully, we rush into conclusion. The inner electricity not only that it generates vibes which the interlocutors interpret them as negative but also it will do you no good. Seek for advice, leave your stubbornness aside, acknowledge the fact that you are not the smartest person out there. It irritates people when you behave like that, referring to behavior which reflects self-reliant egoistic attitude without any principles or norms. Start the day with a “Yes!” present the facts and how they are beneficial for everyone. Share the common interests and believe in the author’s navigational tools. The previous yes must be followed by a “No.” This attitude will show your greatness and ability to defend your perspective. Then invite once again the “Yes” and transform any problem into a positive conclusion.

Author’s expertise and short biography

William Ury is an American-born academic, negotiation expert and an author. He was born on September 12th, 1953 in the U.S. Currently William is in charge of the Harvard University’s Global Negotiation Project. Despite being the leader of global “e-Parliament, he has also co-authored a book called – Getting to Yes. His words are indeed an inspiration to the modern democratic society with solutions that address dozens of global problems.

Key Lessons from “The Power of a Positive No.”

1.      Don’t interpret, discuss facts
2.      Make up your mind “Yes or No”?
3.      Leave your anger aside

Don’t interpret, discuss facts

Sometimes your perspective is not necessary. If your team is inefficient regarding production or creativity, express the facts which led you to the conclusion. Don’t interpret the situation. Otherwise, you’ll become that “bad boss” who interfere too much. Understand the importance of a proper-working environment – the benefits are enormous.

Make up your mind “Yes or No”?

Many people look at “No” as a tool for expressing negativity. In fact, the saying of it indicates a lot more than that. To forge strong bonds with other persons, you need to maintain a “No” on a regular basis. A person without self-trust can never be taken seriously.

Leave your anger aside

People often have requests which are by all means unacceptable. Many refer to them as unfair demands. The ability to transform them just by explaining yourself is essential. Choosing anger as a tool for that purpose is a disastrous policy. Be humble, and people will treat you in the same way.  

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Ultimate Selling Power

The greatest marketing technique is –  before you start selling things, promote yourself. The second and crucial step would be to overcome fear and every other useless phenomenon. If you come out a winner from these two, the rest will follow.

If you think of yourself as a sales millionaire, you should immediately shift your focus and start preparing to close down some important sales. Schedule as much as possible free time talking and discussing with sales managers, by speaking on different sales-related subjects you’ll learn a lot about them, their operational activities, company’s vision, their long-term goals, short-term plans and how your product’s features can help their business.

There is one business saying – Even the greatest salesman in the world cannot sell you anything if you are not buying. So the first thing you need to do as a salesman is to clarify your product’s features and why would someone need those. When you are not in the mood to sell, you should always look for different prospects. Successful sales manager or salesman never spends its time unproductively. They are always busy with potential customers, talking and trying to sell them something. Some people think of sales agents as arrogant, and pushy individuals who don’t take “no” for an answer. However, salespeople want  “no”  far more than a “maybe .” By hearing a “no,” you can always focus on someone else. Naturally, you might lose certain significant sales when a person says “no, ” but you should not fall into despair. Always learn whatever you can from every mistake, very soon you’ll be able to meet new customers and partners.

It is a rarity to find salespeople who can rely only on their pure instinct for selling successfully. Those rare ones who become millionaires over time without any particular effort or training have probably been born with that trading talent. But don’t let that stand in your way, even those who look on sales activities as a unique business that can be taught and practiced can find themselves (with significant effort) among the richest sales millionaires in the world. Donald Moine and Ken Lloyd preach about things they’ve experienced and practiced. Both of them have made their fortune by promoting themselves and selling what they’ve learned during that process.

The truth is that they never sold something big like a car or truck. However, their perfect analysis of how a salesperson should behave brought them glory and wealth. The techniques they teach for motivating sales perfection will ignite every person who has a defined ultimate sales goal in its life. Everyone thinks differently, in fact, you need the combination of talent and hard work to become a great salesman. Always be open to critics and suggestions if you want to improve and grow as such. “multiple marketing companies highly recommend ultimate Selling Power” book, because it is a time well-spent.

Who is this book for

Now probably, everyone wants to ask Donald Moine and Ken Lloyd –  What motivated them to write this magnificent book? – Their answer is going to be simple in accordance with the essence of the book –  the primary reason for writing such a masterpiece is giving something back to the world. When a person becomes successful, sometimes that individual wants to give back something to the world. Every good investor or salesperson has suffered and experienced challenging situation before making it this far. Several bad financial decisions will finally lead you to the right one. At the end of the day, it all depends on the reader’s openness and flexibility, to face its deepest fears and do something about them. “Ultimate Selling Power” is intended for individuals whose job is related to sales and trade. By reading Moine and Llyod’s book, they’ll spontaneously enter into the world of sales, the secrets of successful negotiations, and the ability to find potential customers.

Authors’ expertise and short biography

Many people see Dr. Donald Moine as one of the main founders ( the father) of the modern Sales Psychology. Despite his writing activities, he frequently talks about different subjects as a speaker, and Donald has developed a personal training program for the people in the U.S., South America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and China. Dr. Donald Moine has an executive role in the Association of Human Achievement in California as well. Dr.Ken Lloyd is a well-renowned author of several books including “Jerks at Work” and “Be the Boss Your Employees Deserve.” New York Times Syndicate syndicated him on a national level. He has a certain expertise in direct marketing, advanced communication, organizational behavior and employment principles.

Key Lessons from “Ultimate Selling Power”

  1.       Sales Managers are promoting themselves
  2.       Speak with authority
  3.       Hard work > Talent

Sales Managers are promoting themselves

You should always strive to find the right USP; it is crucial for people and products as well. By working with USP tagline, Donald Moine as a motivational speaker tried to find the best possible ratio between sales and profits. During that time he changed his USP to “Sales and Marketing Psychologist,” and gained enormous respect.

Speak with authority

The first and most important clue to become a sales millionaire is to immediately define your personal goals (what do you want to accomplish). You are not only selling your products, but you are also selling your knowledge, and sometimes even that is more valuable to the customer. If you have no authority while you speak, every person will gradually lose hope in you.

Hard work > Talent

Although some people don’t have an aptitude for sales, hard work is the most important element for success according to sales millionaires. Their presentations are written, rewritten, practiced, changed and so on. They understand that the presentation is crucial and if they do that part successfully the rest of will follow naturally.

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The Thank You Economy

If a company in the 21st century isn’t already active on social media networks; it clearly indicates a lack of determination and dedication to satisfy customer’s needs. Gary Vaynerchuk – the author of The Thank You Economy book, sees the truth in this saying: The more you change and improve, the more you realize that things remain the same. He disagrees with the theory that your grandparents apparently knew the benefit of keeping the customers at the very center of company’s priorities, but their wisdom faded away when big corporations started to expand, and their managers found new cost-effective methods to avoid customer’s demand for improvement.

Social Media Interacting Networks are the foundation and the leading “contender” for inciting digital changes to the traditional companies by giving marketers hundreds of new ways to engage with existing and potential customers in a way that wasn’t possible to conduct by traditional businesses in the 20th century.

What is the first thing that you do when some product is appealing to you? You start following the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to show your admiration and support. The Industrial era companies lacked one thing: Feedback! When you have no competition, and your product or service satisfy millions of people without any modifications for different customer demands, it’s evident that the company doesn’t want nor requires any feedbacks.

That was back then, but now the Globalization phenomenon forces companies to place customer’s unique wants as a top-notch priority. If they don’t like you, they’ll spread the bad news even faster, so the feedback and word of mouth marketing are perhaps the most critical aspects that a businessman should worry about. Today’s companies face restless race among themselves in pursuance of profits that can lead to the elimination of unnecessary niceties to lower company’s variable costs. The bargaining power of buyers from Porter’s Five Forces is in constant increase ever since Social media Networks emerged on. They successfully returned the power into the hands of the customer, by creating the “Thank You Economy,” mentality, that is well-known for its almost obsessive care about its clients.

Who is this book for

“The Thank You Economy” as it names implies is easy and simple to understand kinda book. The process of Globalization raises certain doubts that carry a subtle message- Are the business ready to cope with the fast technological progress in the society? Gary Vaynerchuk’s magnificent writing style enables the company to immediately grasp the need for Social Media presence, as such it is intended for all businessmen that are willing not only to change their traditional way of perceiving reality but also to improve their current interactions with the customers by making them feel important and essential to their business goals. “The Thank You Economy” book has already shown the world it’s proven theories and methods that are used by companies eager to increase sales and long-term prosperity.

Author’s expertise and short biography

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belorussian-born author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He was born in the Soviet Union (Today’s Belarus) on November 14, 1975, after his graduation from Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts back in 1998, he gradually becomes an internationally recognized person and the author of several bestsellers. Vaynerchuk’s estimated net-worth is fluctuating around $160 million, and he likes to be known as a digital marketer and a social-media pioneer at New York-based VaynerMedia and VaynerX.

Key Lessons from “The Thank You Economy”

  1. Word of Mouth – back in the old days
  2. Don’t trust everything you hear about economics
  3. Neglect unreliable economic critics

Word of Mouth- back in the old days

If you start inquiring earlier shops’ mindset (back in the early 20th century), you will find lots of interesting information. For example, back in the 30s, all the customers knew privately their local grocery store owner, and for the majority of their lives, they used to shop at the same store. “Kindness, ethics and respect” were the features needed to spread the traditional word of mouth marketing. If a customer were unsatisfied with the service, that negative feedback and bad customer experience would spread to the entire community really fast. The companies knew how to maintain its most loyal customers; a polite and friendly behavior was required from the staff to do so.  The core of the businesses was their reputation (they “survived or collapsed”) apparently, the quality of the goods and services was significant too but not so much as ethics, kindness, and helpfulness.

Don’t trust everything you hear about economics

Our education is shaped by different Universities, Religions, Schools, The Media, and even the environment that we live in. According to numerous of researchers, we (as a population ) are exposed to false theories and information about economics that are shaping our point of view and narrowing our perspective.

Neglect unreliable economic critics

“ROI doesn’t exist”: Even if you cannot measure it precisely, ROI is the most important element for all business industries. How can you assess your company’s success on a long run if you don’t calculate the return on investment?

“The metrics are not trustworthy”: It is evident that metrics cannot perfectly display any financial outcome. However, they are more than capable of helping you see the big picture that your company would probably find itself to shortly.

“Social media marketing and interaction don’t have to be implemented by every company ”: The Thank You Economy book doesn’t have to point out to anyone that the early adopters of new technologies have a clear path to prosperity since they would gain an advantage by differentiating their products from the ones offered by their competition.

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10 must-read marketing and sales books

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How can you attract new customers and increase sales? What’s going on in your customers’ minds when they decide whether to buy your product? Why is small data more important than big data? Our favorite sales and marketing books have all the answers!

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Secrets of Closing the Sale: A Quick Summary of Zig Ziglar’s book

GetNugget’s Book Summary

What is the key aspect of doing business? – Belief, not believing in yourself but radiating trust. Only a person capable of imparting true knowledge while speaking is ready to become the next sales-master. The Client must feel like the most important person in the world, don’t focus on what you are selling, focus on whom you are selling it! GetNugget’s book summary alludes to all aspects of the selling process. Zig Ziglar’s theory of sale places the client’s needs on a pedestal – meaning it represents the key point to which the seller should orient itself.

I think every salesperson and maybe even every entrepreneur has read at least one book written by Zig Ziglar. We can easily call him a guru in his field. Even in his final years, he continued to travel the world and teach the art of selling to, always integrating his Christian side into his speeches. Secrets of Closing the Sale” is not the kind of book that you just read and put back on the shelf. It’s the kind of book summary that you can learn something valuable.

The next step is the price? How to set-up the perfect ratio value-price for your products? It is a challenging task even for an experienced salesperson. To get the best out of these situations, improve product’s bad sides, listen and ask for feedback. The advantages are obvious; the flaws are the difference between you and your competition! Customers want to feel important; our book summary endorses Ziglar’s method of making the sale a practical matter just like anything else. It is training, just like anything else, in time you’ll be able to use all of Secrets of Closing the Sale”.

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To Sell Is Human: A Quick Summary of Daniel H. Pink’s book

To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H Pink

It’s something that courses through our veins. We do it for a purpose; we do it involuntarily. Every day each of us sells all kinds of stuff (thoughts, things, ideas) to others. Daniel Pink explains how in To Sell is Human.

We are all salespeople.

Don’t believe that?

Read on to find out why Daniel Pink thinks that “selling” is in our very nature.

Funny information leaked out astonishing facts – the author of “To Sell is Human” Daniel Pink Pinpoints Labor Statistics results in this book. 10% of U.S population is integrated into sales (take into consideration that these numbers are official – the unofficial stats are way higher). What encourages people to pursue the philosophy no one can say for certain. Perhaps it is in our genes. What worries him is that this number decreases over the years. GetNugget with its book summary acknowledges the power of e-commerce in today’s digital world. The sale businesses have a new shape, totally unpredictable one.

Pink refers to one big dilemma of which actually fall under the sales category. Making a sale is only one aspect of the entire process. Presenting the goods, influencing other people and ultimately convincing them to buy are also vital parts of the sales procedure.

Mysteriously named by the author “non-sales selling.” “To Sell is Human” is a book which indicates the importance of a sales nation. This book summary will embolden you to make the first steps towards rediscovering your “sales” identity.

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Noah Fleming: how to successfully build customer loyalty

Evergreen: Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty that Keeps Your Business Thriving by Noah Fleming

Noah Fleming is a marketing specialist who works with some of the biggest companies in the world. He also has a successful blog, where he offers advice and tips about how to build strong companies and how to interact with clients.

This, combined with a series of successful public speaking events, led to one of the most interesting marketing books ever published – Evergreen.

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