Inside the Mind of the Shopper

Companies invest millions of dollars for marketing purposes, to try and get their IBP into the store. What really takes place behind the scenes?

Marketing has only one goal – to increase brand awareness which will ultimately lead to profits. The process takes time, patience and ingenuity. A comprehensive research on the subject has proven quite useful. Companies need to study the behavior of their target audience with utmost care, to read their minds by understanding their demands. When you get access to valuable information, you can then identify your marketing goals. In order to achieve long-term goals, firms have to sacrifice a small portion of their time, effort, and energy.

In the same fashion, knowledge = money but in reality, how much can you tell from research? Probably a little more is needed on your part. Nevertheless, it’s one thing to lure the potential buyers into your store and something entirely different to make them eager once they’re there. Weaknesses occur as a consequence of making marketing efforts that lack modern retail strategy – meaning, companies have little interest to understand the shopping behavior. Even people not associated with marketing, have realized that shoppers tend to move from point A to point B, without guidance. Moreover, a major setback among retailers is their habit to design their shops for the “stock-up” buyers, those who purchase a lot of goods. Individual needs get neglected, and customers feel betrayed.

Stores must have a perfectly-designed flow of products, formed in a way to help the shoppers find what they are looking for. 90% of the time, customers spend more time than needed only to find a particular product, which is an entirely wrong policy leading to terrible results. 50% of shoppers don’t purchase anything even though they spent countless hours searching for the perfect product. Marketing experts, with this mind, investigate the devastating phenomenon for businesses. Retailers as the guilty party should prompt change by acquiring sufficient amount of knowledge about shopper’s intentions, plans, thoughts, and movements. This fantastic opportunity will allow each company to maximize their profits. Not more than a few adjustments are needed, for obtaining a substantial growth and an organizational satisfaction.

Start by asking yourself one fundamental question – Why employees in the supermarkets place milk in the back – far away from the entrance? The goal for such a strategy is to make the shoppers look through hundreds of different products before getting to the milk; enticing them is the route to bigger profits. Nevertheless, not many shopping experts agree with this theory like behavioralist Herb Sorensen. He advocates for reducing shoppers emotional distress and not make things worse because they will go someplace else.

The “spending” process has left traces of failure. Companies still cannot control shoppers’ behavior or gain insights on their buying tactics. Despite these mind-blowing facts, new theories rise daily all promoting a solution for the firms’ big problem. GetNugget takes a neutral side but prompts readers to get to know several effective tactics for their businesses. Retailers are the Target Group, in this case, flexibility on their part will ultimately grant them benefits and profits beyond their wildest imagination.

Who is this book for

Even though, marketing as a concept has a definition; it stretches beyond it due to the numerous of other possibilities. One of those aspects covers the buyers’ behavior and ideas while shopping. It’s complicated to discover how your customers want to be treated. Companies for decades are searching for the perfect formula, but as mentioned above marketing is not a one-way street. Likewise, marketers must deal with the uniqueness of the situation, what types of “products” is the business producing and many other aspects. Not even that will guarantee you success because marketing is much more than a one-time project.

It requires continuous investment and devotion on your part. To get inside the mind of the shopper, you need tools and strategy. The combination of these two can encourage business growth and development, something that every entrepreneur desperately needs. When you get to this stage, a new path reveals itself – called opportunity. Now you are slowly entering the field of creativity, with the help of an expert like Herb Sorensen, you can start raising awareness of your brand. Use his methods and unleash the “creative beast”! “Inside the Mind of the Shopper” is a fact-filled book. GetNugget recognizes the power emerging from it, and recommends it to the creative part of the population, to “opportunity seekers” and “risk hunters” – especially retailers.

Author’s expertise and short biography

Herb Sorensen, Ph.D., heads TNS Sorensen as the president of the firm. The company covers all aspects related to shopping behavior and research any uncertainties. He perceives consumers’ mindset from a scientific perspective but gives a clear easy-to-understand report to the stakeholders.

Key Lessons from “Inside the Mind of the Shopper”

1.      The power of paying Attention!
2.      Seize the sale opportunity
3.      Navigation inside the Store

The power of paying Attention!

Retailers fail to understand shoppers’ behavior due to their stubbornness. Focusing too much on profits can lead to neglecting other significant factors which contribute to the ultimate goal. A focus on customer satisfaction is the difference between prosperity and failure – pay attention to that.

Seize the sale opportunity

Every time a shopper enters your store; the process requires absolute commitment on your part. Don’t suffocate the purchaser, let them feel the walk-through process but you control its movement. Demonstrate the three phases of truth “reach, stopping/holding and closing” – guide them gently.

Navigation inside the Store

Most retailers take the designing part very challenging. Thousands of different suggestions are presented before them; it’s on them to choose the best one. You – as a Retailer must make it easy for them, to find the products as quickly as possible. A poorly-designed interior makes the customers feel nervous!

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Blog Marketing

Blogging is a great optimization tool with the ability to affect businesses in numerous ways. Utilize the possibilities that the digital era reveals.

Marketing is all about whether you have access to valuable pieces of information. Communication between departments or at a business level is harder if there is a shortage of data. Your company must not be deprived of information about its stakeholders. Every entity tries to hide as many info as possible – mostly referring to negative ones. Blogging enables your associates to “spy” on others by paying extra attention to conversations related to your industry or company. The blogosphere or in other words the community of blogs, shares its thoughts on the benefits emerging from conduction blogging activities. Thousands of opportunities are available at any time; the companies need to find the perfect ratio between regular marketing activities and blogging.

What is the most common mistake that business do? – They hesitate! The risk aversiveness is currently the biggest enemy who closes the door to new possibilities. Don’t close the gate leading to profits! Hesitation is an attribute that decision-makers tend to have. A cowardice approach and fear of negative feedback can stimulate economic collapse, a real nightmare for every entrepreneur. Define what an unhappy customer is! It’s time to realize that “an unhappy customer is a happy customer waiting for a change” from you. In spite of blogging capabilities for growth, the policy your company has towards improvements and change is the difference between success and failure. It is like reading a closed book; a conservative enterprise will not allow the company to relate with customers truly – it produces a one-way street.

The lack of feedback and information is a dangerous policy; every trained marketer knows that engaging in conversations and interacting is the only route to prosperity. Regardless of your offerings, without a proper promotion, your company is just as good as the next one. Firms which took the next step and use blogs to spread their influence are sharing their thoughts on the “must-do” blogging. Show your customers that you care for them, share information about the product throughout digital evangelists – known as blogs. Don’t expect loyalty if you don’t give anything in return – communicate on a daily basis!

The blog family continues to multiply. At the present moment, according to a recently conducted research – more than 40 million blogs prevail on the Internet ( according to an unofficial investigation there are around 60 million). 200 million users read all kinds of content on a daily basis. With such high numbers, the author’s point needs no further explanation. A powerful word-of-mouth marketing is more beneficial than thousands of dollars spent on a marketing campaign. The author of “Blog Marketing” Jeremy Wright gives you a hint on how blogs can impact your business. If boosting of your brand seems like a priority to you, this book will do the trick. How to establish a more efficient CRM and improve communication at all levels. GetNugget highly recommends this book to marketers and other knowledge seekers who are thirsty to explore the secrets of blogging.

Who is this book for

Marketing is more than just advertising; it is also something bigger than a promotion. You have to realize that the true meaning of it is creativity. There are numerous ways in which you can promote yourself or your business. The author imparts wisdom by teaching you the basics of blogging and the benefits arising from it. Tools for doing business can be categorized in a variety of ways; this book emphasizes the significance of blog marketing and why every company needs to be a part of that process. Successful bloggers dedicate time to focus on other blogs, finding new ways to improve theirs and search relevant conversations related to the subject.

Once in awhile blogs communicate among each other. A perfect example is leaving comments in the section area; these effective interactions are of significant value. “Blog Marketing” encourages people to participate in the world of blogs, all it takes on your part is a dose of honesty, creativity, and ingenuity. If you haven’t got the time to engage in these activities entirely, there are other ways to get involved. You can try a simple method where your customers can interact among themselves, to receive responses to their questions and establish a profitable relationship. This book is highly recommended for every creative person or marketer eager to understand the “blogging enigma”.

Author’s expertise and short biography

Jeremy Wright was born on June 30th, 1979. Despite being known for his role as the president of a blog network, he also works as a blogging consultant, covering subjects related to communication and blog management.

Key Lessons from “Blog Marketing”

1.      The creation of an Internal blog
2.      Get involved in the blogging world
3.      The use of blogs

The creation of an Internal Blog

Today’s companies realized that blogs could work on an organization level as well. The establishment of internal blogs is becoming more popular in the 21st century. The employees are the only ones with access, which is often used to manage team projects or other activities.

Get involved in the blogging world

Transparent interactions between corporate blogs and customers are connected in many ways. The consumers can use them to share their opinion with the firm. The companies should listen and pay attention to their requirements if they want to improve. Angry comments require special attention!

The use of blogs

Businesses are always seeking new ways to improve their existing products. Can there be a better way than blogging, a place where everyone’s opinion matters? Blogs can stimulate great ideas by allowing the consumers to participate in the product/service creating process, through forums, comments, and reviews.

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Beyond the Brand

The best way to create that special bond with your most loyal customers is to be open for their needs by listening to their stories – and tell your point of view.

In the 90s, Nike established the very first series of golf product like bags, balls, clubs, shoes, t-shirts. At the time the market had several dominant companies which tried to make the industry as hard as possible to prosper for newcomers. The easiest way to reach the audience was to design a strong marketing campaign by finding common ground with pro golfers and signing sponsorship deals. Nike is known for paying exclusive attention to the “building-one-to-one relationship” processes with the world’s greatest athletes or in this case golfers. The famous sports gear brand never neglected their customer demands; they only interfere by helping them to choose.

Nike has been signing top players for decades, a policy which gave them profits and fierce reputation. As players started to use their products increasingly, Nike exploited the situation and lured Tiger Woods with a $100 million sponsorship deal. In the meantime, Tiger has transformed from an early adapter to a golf star. By 1999, the investment passed the break-even point, and the Nike gold mania began to take shape. All major tournaments could not “proceed” without the company’s gear – referring to the obsessiveness which ruled in that period. If you plant the seeds correctly, you can expect fruits. It is tempting to tell your story, but you should be a good listener, allow people to share their problems and perhaps you’ll be able to resolve theirs and become rich. Millions of dollars spent on marketing campaign and promotions are not equal to the all-powerful word-of-mouth method. The satisfied storytelling can boost your company in a second.

Most marketing books debate how marketers should approach a customer, what techniques to use when relating to existing ones or hunting new ones. An intelligent marketer must not cross the line by adopting an informal penetration tactic. A formal one is the best way to jump over the wall of awkwardness and build a profitable relationship. However, this book promotes another unique and softer method, “anthrojournalistic”. This approach consists of hearing the consumers’ demands and desires before you start making conclusions. The interaction will help you to steer the decision-making wheel because it provides your business with valuable information about the product’s design. The idea about the concept was borrowed from “anthropology” an oral tradition only adapted to the digital era – word-of-mouth promotion.

The author of “Beyond the Brand” – John Winsor advocates for listening and storytelling as essential “money-building” marketing techniques applied only by trained professionals. Any business ought to enforce the same rule – understand the customers’ wants and demands before you start identifying the target group. IBP can only be identified by listening; analyzes can help trained marketers to produce business value for their companies by putting extra focus on customer requirements. Don’t follow the anthropologist’s perspective blindly; some societal, economic or political surroundings will suit the method better. Analyze the situation and make your decision. GetNugget prescribes this marketing masterpiece for newcomers in the “marketing world” and students who are keen to learn new ways to contribute by exploring new ideas.

Who is this book for

The digital times are proving to be hard to handle. The expenses are increasing and accordingly, our salary must increase. Before you start wondering why this has anything to do with the book, ask yourself – How can I get richer? The answer is simple, by producing greater value for the world. In the marketing world, higher value means higher profits, leading to a better salary and ultimately a better life. Whether we like it or not, every person on this planet is promoting something or someone. Learn how to market things! This book will give you first-class insights already tested by experienced marketers on how to overcome the customers’ confusion. This is a straightforward process, which will provide you with a creative know-how to deal with people. Marketing is more than a concept, according to the author it is our everyday reality which has to be taken with sobriety. “Beyond the Brand” is perhaps one of the best self-promoting books ever written. It is intended to solve business problems with all-around economic solutions. A small investment is needed on your part – openness to new knowledge.

Author’s expertise and short biography

In the late 90s, John Winsor founded Radar Communications – a marketing consultancy tool for helping companies to evolve from self-listeners to community-listeners. Momentarily, he heads the department of CPB’s Strategy and coordinates the ever-expanding business network of relationships among communities and businesses. Despite being an author of “Beyond the Brand” Winsor wrote another marketing related book called – Spark. 

Key Lessons from “Beyond the Brand”

1.      Anthro-journalism is more than a concept
2.      Use social networks for marketing purposes
3.      Stories represent a newly established marketing foundation

Anthro-journalism is more than a concept

Storytelling is a powerful tool for achieving marketing goals. The process must be performed by the other side, or the customer itself. To produce the best results the companies must transform by adopting “Anthro-Journalism” and become “listeners”.

Use social networks for marketing purposes

The world communicates through social networks, so the importance of it is familiar to everyone. Emphasize word-of-mouth marketing because a “commendation” echoes for eternity. Social networks known as potent persuaders have the credibility to influence the world.

Stories represent a newly established marketing foundation

Attention placed on story-telling puts the company’s marketing strategy to a whole another level. Customers want to feel important! If you disregard their opinion and continue with your stubbornness; the business will suffer. To achieve the possible results, tell your story and allow other to express themselves as well.

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Pour Your Heart Into It

The Starbucks Company has a lot to offer. You’ll not find many similar places with the diversity of choices as in Starbucks. Become as inventive as they!

Shortly after the beginning of the customer-centric era, companies started to guide themselves according to customer needs. The market was exposed to change; its previous concept turned into ruins and the over-saturated market of today has proven its effectiveness. However, the abundance of products and services don’t guarantee a steady flow of money. Before making any rash decisions, companies should spend a lot of their time and resources inventing systems in hopes of “killing two birds with one stone”. A phrase used to outline the efforts leading to profits and competitiveness. As you already know, people bark at the wrong tree quite often. It is mandatory for every entrepreneur to take differentiation as the key aspect to success. Critical thinking skills for such potential are a must.

Lacking vision, mentorship, and proper education are issues which keep us down. Many managers have no significant knowledge of the company’s present financial situation. If you are not aware of your possibilities, then you’ll not be able to improve the services of your business. Despite the ideas you have on how to achieve your goals, without designing a plan the odds will always be against you. Many people claim that they follow their heart or vision but is this true? Unfortunately, No! You have to dig deep and explore your fears which keeps you away from pursuing your life-objectives. Don’t become the guy who sits on the fence, step up and make the first move.

Not all things can be measured, nor we need such a thing. In spite of these unmeasurable features, your newly designed operational activities require support from the manager. Valuable information can provide your company with the essence needed to move beyond the shadow of mediocrity. The Americans understand the power of “uniqueness” better than anyone. Standing out as a separate entity in the business world means everything. It represents the difference between prosperity and failure. The business as same as your body needs to get in shape – a perfect working condition. In order to do that you need a robust infrastructure which will lay down the foundation of your long-lasting reality.

This book covers the breathtaking story of the world’s biggest coffee brand Starbuck and its financial boom. The untold tale of Starbucks’ rise includes the beginning of a small Seattle company which grew up to a point – reaching an astonishing 1600 stores globally. This will surely one of greatest business stories ever told. The emphasis is placed on the building of a brand and management of activities. Starbucks’ strategy relied on quality; they didn’t focus on marketing too much. Their goal was word-of-mouth meaning there is not greater campaign than a satisfied customer. By putting their clientele in the first place, Starbucks achieved global success. The founders Howard Schultz and Dori Jones Yang have written a genuinely educational and inspiring book which is worthy of your time. The enthusiasm is the only tool available for achieving success.  GetNugget recommends this book to anyone willing to exploit its entrepreneurial skills.

Who is this book for

The Starbucks effect created a whole new dimension of coffee flavors. Its successfulness spread throughout the world. This book outlines the importance of differentiation since the market is already filled with tons of similar products. Do your best in trying to put some additional specialty in your goods and services. The success is not measured by the amount of money your company made in some period, but by the prosperity of your business – which is harder to measure. Conquer the world with a brand new idea – start that journey by learning some useful tips. “Pour Your Heart Into It” will provide you with tons of valuable information related to finance or marketing. How to know the best ratio between quality and cost, how to manage your business and how to follow your vision. Stocks, interest rates, profits, sales are relative, but your idea is timeless. Provide a service to the world and make a difference. Don’t be afraid to put a little bit of “weirdness” into your scheme. Endorse the theory of singularity or at least try to do it.

Authors’ expertise and short biography

Howard Schultz is an American-born businessman and the executive chairman of Starbucks. He was born on July 19th, 1953 in Brooklyn. After graduating at Northern Michigan University Howard started his career as a salesman. From the late 80s till now he has been involved in all activities related to Starbucks. Doris Jones Yang is a reporter, writer, and a journalist who was born in 1954 in the U.S. Currently she resides in Bellevue, Washington.

Key Lessons from “Pour Your Heart Into It”

1.      People hate authority but love leadership
2.      Teamwork as the only route to success
3.      Accomplish your dream

People hate authority but love leadership

In the end, it all comes down to how you manage to get the best out of your associates including yourself. Don’t try to force in doing things your way, even if you are in charge of the activities. Let people behave in their own way, lead with your heart.

Teamwork as the only route to success

Arrogance is never the right answer. Favor leaders, even in your group. You need real decision-makers who motivate others on your behalf. People often get offended if you do not trust them. Hire top-notch managers with concise ideas within their minds, support their effort and stand by their side.

Accomplish your dream

Imagine it for months, realize it within days. It is not easy to put the paperwork to the test, but your effort requires a reward. Are you willing to take the risk? Pick up user requirements and interact with people daily. This mouth-to-mouth communication will encourage you to give your vision a tryout.

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The rise of social media platforms provided the people with a variety of new marketing possibilities. If you are looking to expand your business – grab this book!

The “think big, act big, spend big” phrase is no longer just a marketing philosophy which works no matter how you apply it. The mass marketing era is long gone, the companies are now focusing on one-to-one marketing techniques making it almost impossible to satisfy each customer individually. Nevertheless, the competition drives the enterprises to look for improvements even if the consumers are pleased with every feature of the particular product or service. Take a look at today’s marketing situation – A simple tweet can have a greater influence on the people’s minds, than the traditional tv-ads. Social media has increased its impact on individuals as a result of their targeting capabilities. Even the firms acknowledge the tempting content and options available on several social media platforms like Facebook. According to one marketing, several marketers measured the power of media by emitting advertisement on different media channels. The results were evident; Facebook won by a mile. This simple example confirmed the power of these platforms. Campaigns addressed at the masses are deteriorating. In hopes for publicity, the companies are gambling with respect from the community. Not every person needs diapers or a car, so your campaign must be aimed at one target group – interested in your product.  Although today the world still needs newspapers and television; the internet is taking over! The paradigm transforms from mass marketing to the new “MicroMarketing” by fulfilling three stages:

  • “The conception of the Microculture.”
  • “The microcontent expansion.”
  • “The rise of prominent Micromavens.”

The author is eager to present his point to the readers by recalling to one event in 2009 at Sasquatch. A simple music festival which took place in Washington DC; a guy named Colin Wynter started dancing, after that a group of people joined him. The music started luring people in, and dozens of other individuals joined as well. As you can see, the micromarketing is also a subtler branch of mass marketing.

Not so long ago, the marketing sphere was a playground for those companies who had the biggest advertising budget and the ability to spread their influence. Undoubtedly, a change was needed. The market mustn’t be ruled by money but by creativity. The digital time or the Internet answered the call throughout social media and their mobile platforms. These powerful innovations leveled up the market between the big corporations and small enterprises. Greg Verdino, the author of “MicroMarkting, ” lays out the best marketing methods in the relatively new social, mobile perspective. These tools will give you a hint on how to create interactive ads which capture audience’s attention and nurture long-term relationships. Verdino pinpoints seven ultra-effective micromarketing principles and backs them with facts from several case studies. His final chapter is perhaps the most important one of all because it advises you to follow the well-designed outline by applying these principles to your company.

Who is this book for

Marketing has become one of the most valuable tools in doing business, perhaps even more important than operational activities. His motivation was to impart wisdom to the new series of marketers by clarifying the meaningfulness of social media. The companies today rely strictly on self-promotion, these marketing techniques can often get too extensive. So, a good market will try to get in touch with the deepest desires of its most loyal customers. These consumers have a habit of switching, so answering their preferences must be an imperative for you. “MicroMarketing” book lays out the benefits of digitalization and targeting. Act with openness and flexibility; this approach will provide your company with knowledge and ultimately profits. Use Verdino’s micromarketing strategies to build one-on-one relations with users all across the world. Make them eager to learn more about your products or services. Remember the customer is always right even if it doesn’t sound logical to you. Listen to them, respond accordingly to their needs and prepare yourself to take the next step towards “one on one human-scale interactions.”

Author’s expertise and short biography

Greg Verdino enjoys his reputation of being marked as one of the most prominent personalities – promoting automation. Despite the ability to forecast trends, he is also managed to work with an abundance of companies for a single purpose – profits. Verdino’s outlines the significance of social media! More than two decades of working experience has led him to believe that companies collapse due to unfamiliarity with recent trends. Many enterprises and organizations still rely on his perspectives addressed towards mass marketing techniques and interpersonal relationships. In the meantime, he reveals his marketing secrets by writing blogs and articles.

Key Lessons from “MicroMarketing”

1.      Pay attention to your customers
2.      Dive into Social Media possibilities
3.      Focus on quality and save money

Pay attention to your customers

It doesn’t come as a surprise that people want to deal with companies willing to forge long-term cooperation. These meaningful connections represent a key indicator for making profits. The audience wants to be pleased, meaning it requires special treatment. If you pursue profits be prepared to use some of Greg’s micromarketing techniques.

Dive into Social Media possibilities

The digital time enforces a new way of life. Every person with a cell phone or any other device can easily create advertisement content and distribute it through social media. Your presence on social media (as a company) will surely give you an advantage that you must seize.

Focus on quality and save money

The conventional marketing campaigns focused on reaching a significant portion of people regardless of their interest and preferences. The MicroMarketing economical approach saves tons of money, by targeting those individuals with the greatest enthusiasm about the product or service that you are providing.

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Free Gift Inside!!

The customer-centric organizations have a challenging task ahead of them. Many organizations are forced to reshape the way of doing business and tease the customers with a hope that they will come to them.

Marketers around the world don’t want to hear even – You should not put so much effort trying to satisfy your customers (Not even the loyal ones). The very idea makes them sick because it confronts the very foundation of marketing. The digital marketing circles are more flexible when it comes to adjusting to the new “tease-centric” perspective. Experts have taught the past generations that marketers need to make the first step – meaning get totally involved in the selling process which doesn’t allow any mistakes. Misguidances have let the new generation to believe in full customer satisfaction – as the only outcome to successfully managing the company. The pressure was on their shoulders, a robotic institution without any room for errors. These marketers soon realized that businesses ask them to lure other managers, staff members, associates and co-workers into the “perfectionist gathering”. The customer-centric organization had no other path, then to reexamine their customer-focused mentality and methods of building long-term relationships.

The conclusion is not to pursue customer care or adopt a new advanced technology which will improve the cost-benefit ratio. Chasing customers is like chasing girls, avoid getting too pushy is the only recipe for success. Many marketers have spent the majority of their career cycle pursuing an impossible dream. The loyalty companies expect, exists only in their minds, as soon as someone comes with a better offer – You’ll wake up. Sitting in two chairs is not possible either. One thing is for sure; the modern society surely hasn’t got a shortage of commodities. All kinds of products and services are being distributed to the end-customers. The unlimited choices leave plenty of room for them to scan, seek and ultimately use the best one.  

The “Free Gift Inside” book meets its objective by defying the academic theories contained in various marketing books and articles. Over and over again, those books only confuse the readers with it unconcise strategies on how to lure customers. Even if it may sound tempting, these marketing approaches don’t produce real value. After all, all management disciplines have a task to create business value for the organization, benefits from which the company will operate. Seeing the customer as the center of the universe is an expensive way to achieve that. The author – Stephen Brown contradicts not only the theory but the whole system. Debates or arguments unfold all the time – leading to a dead end. According to multiple studies, customers don’t exactly know what they are looking for. They are drifting around, exploring the features of their desired commodities without a single specification in their minds. GetNugget acknowledges this research alongside Steph Brown. “Free Gift Inside” is a useful book for marketers capable of coping with the burden of a true profession. An all-around decision-maker who seeks new and fresh ideas to apply in the marketing world.

Who is this book for

Marketing book clarifies the essence of contributing to the business by successfully promoting company’s products or services. It is a job which involves creativity and most importantly ingenuity. This magnificent out-of-box book goes the opposite way defying the basis of marketing. Strategies have varied over the years, as soon as someone comes with a better solution a new answer reveals itself. Marketers need to be prepared to solve problems, to forge relationships and ultimately to make sales. How can you do exactly that with a fixed mindset?  Every well-educated salesperson knows the basics for making a deal, one of them is to present your product successfully. The world already experiences an overflow of marketing strategies which by some standards are trailing behind. Use the stats to measure your perfect investment into your company’s selling process. In the end, it all comes down to your flexibility to adapt and overcome. “Free Gift Inside” is intended for persons whose job is linked to promotion, creativity and most importantly sales.

Author’s expertise and short biography

Stephen Brown currently works at the University of Ulster as professor of marketing research. He held respectable positions at several universities like the University of Utah; Northwestern University; and the University of California. As an author Stephen Brown has written over ten books including “Romancing the Market” “Postmodern Marketing” “Marketing Apocalypse”. Journal of Marketing is among the few journals which had the honor to publish some of his work. Harvard Business Review and Journal of Advertising and Business Horizons did the same.

Key Lessons from “Free Gift Inside”

1.      Don’t be an imitator
2.      Apply word of mouth marketing
3.      Entertain your customers

Don’t be an imitator

Sometimes the rarity defines the product’s value or price. When an item known for its uniqueness is presented on the market, the price will go up. Marketing is all about playing with people’s mind. If you are aware of their behavior, you’ll be dancing all night long. Exclusivity opens the door to success.

Apply word of mouth marketing

The crowd sometimes goes for the product which conveys the strongest message – with complete disregard of item’s features. Wisdom is to look beyond the basic marketing concepts and enter your customer’s’ mind. The buyers like the buzz and they follow the community. One-on-one marketing campaigns will give you the perfect word-of-mouth strategy for your company leading to long-term benefits.

Entertain your customers

Most importantly don’t focus too much on the features, make the people feel excited by your presentation. The power of amusement can give your campaign a success beyond your wildest dreams.

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How to reach the top? Be a hard-worker; practice more and more –be at the right place at the right time.

People today are facing one challenge. What is the key to success? Some people say talent, others may say hard work, so the exact formula is yet to be discovered. The collective opinion about the ultimate success that prevails today is based on people’s belief – hard work pays off. Numerous of people are opposing this theory because lots of individuals who worked hard didn’t succeed. So, you’ll have to find the answer to this mystery. Talent? Perhaps, talent is necessary, but it is not a crucial element. Athletes should be gifted and able to perform things that ordinary people can’t do. They have to be unique in their own way. According to Malcolm Gladwell, this theory represents the comprehensive explanation of why a small percentage of the people succeed and do well in life overall. By leaving aside other relevant factors of success, this traditional model can easily distort reality. It somehow personalizes these processes which are the embodiment of our social culture. It thus you’ll find yourself looking for talents in the wrong places. Canadian Hockey League is the perfect example.

No one can deny the fact which indicates that Canadian Hockey players are superb athletes. Their stamina and talent are at the highest level possible. As a consequence of their fitness, many teens can easily turn professional. Giving everything you’ve got to reach the top is only one part of the story. The other half is more meaningful; it is what biologists call the “nature” of every living thing. It is this surreal ability of some individuals to strive for great successes and move beyond their limits.

Malcolm Gladwell writing style is easy to understand, as such this book may seem like a long ride to freedom, his examples are covered and supported with facts. These examples underline one particular point; a mix between talent and hard work is the only path to success. The book answers questions and critics. Malcolm does an excellent job when it comes to challenging present ideas of where and how success emerges, by introducing the audience with new standards capable of changing the course of prosperity. His detail orientation allows him to successfully govern processes leading to ultimate success, which often happens behind closed curtains – unnoticed. There many potential paths for social change and professional advancement according to Gladwell. As engaging as this book can be, Outliers has its flaws. It is interesting to witness the tackling that occurs between Gladwell and many other strong individuals who’ve tasted success without the need of his methods and techniques. You have to remain flexible; life has its mysterious ways. However, you should try Malcolm’s models because they are useful, interesting and fun. If you are a free individual, an open-minded person; this book will get the best out of you.

Who is this book for

It is not easy to transform any person’s mindset; nevertheless, you as a part of the whole, should aspire for that change. Don’t become a member of a group. Don’t be an individual who overthinks everything, too many details are not helpful. This counterproductive method is used by many; it is a painful reality that we must face openly. Life throws us challenges, people obsessed with details always feel trapped and unhappy. Such an adverse impact must not continue, so you have to move away from these adventitious roots. Different traditions and cultures are the embodiment of how people from different countries interpret education, work habit, and dedication. If you want to inform people about the essential elements of success, you should study their cultural views and understand their perspective. The whining and complaining attitude will get you nowhere; according to Malcolm, a person must take every advantage that occurs in life and to learn from each mistake. As a book intended for everyone, it gives you simplicity and wisdom; knowledge and principles; it’s up to you.

Author’s expertise and short biography

Malcolm Gladwell is an English-born writer, journalist, columnist, motivator and a well-renowned speaker who currently writes for The New Yorker. He was born on September 3, 1963, in Fareham, Hampshire in the UK. England is his birth-country however, at the age of 6 Malcolm alongside with his parents moved to Canada. Malcolm declared that his mother was his perfect role model for starting his career as a writer. To this day, Malcolm Gladwell has written five books: The Tipping Point; Outliers; What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures; Blink; David & Goliath.

Key Lessons from “Outliers”

  1.       Face violence openly, let your actions speak for itself
  2.       Anything can happen in the air
  3.       Hard work beats intelligence

Face violence openly, let your actions speak for itself

For decades, fierce family quarrels had an impact on Harlan County, Kentucky community. Many people testified that they’d witnessed bloodshed among close relatives. The killing became a habit, so the people wanted to enforce some laws and do something about this issue that troubled them. Facing violence openly and bravely became an integral part of Appalachian culture.

Anything can happen in the air

The environmental upbringing plays its role in person’s behavior without asking for permission from anyone. The same thing goes for social influences. The question is – How do accidents happen? Although commercial airplanes are known for its highly advanced technology and dependable machinery which cannot burst into flames, sometimes disasters occur. These crashes that take place from time to time are the result of pilot’s unintentional mistakes.

Hard work beats intelligence

Knowledge represents the doorstep to success: Only a smart person is ready for the difficulties that life unfolds. Apart from that, intelligence doesn’t have the impact on person’s ultimate achievement as hard work.

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Crossing the Chasm

Many companies have difficulties introducing their new high-tech programs (products). To have a successful launch several things are required, among them is overcoming the mass-market chasm.

The digital era starts and ends with advanced technology. America’s global competitiveness is not possible without a technological support and advanced mechanism. It is not easy to remain competitive all the time, to succeed the businesses must target new markets to expand their audience base by improving their technologies. The current method didn’t work well for everyone since several companies have experienced heavy sales losses in a short amount of time. Many high-tech marketing careers were endangered due to the negative signals that have been sent to equity analysts. The real question that bothered everyone was- How do the traditional U.S. companies manage to market each product successfully, and what is going on with the high-tech products marketing unsuccessfulness and common failures?  The answer lies – Target the proper market. Technologies and high-tech products are facing many difficulties in the digital era. Many of these goods or services are not capable of overcoming the early adopters’ phase and transit to a more loyal and larger audience. Marketers believe that transition is crucial and beneficial for any business. However, that is one scary “chasm” and crossing it can be hazardous. To survive this dangerous encounter with transition; from launching a product to establishing a brand, high-tech marketers need to manage the marketing activities efficiently and foresees any danger that may occur along the path. This is the only method to launch brand-new high-tech products successfully. Not one product in the world can survive in the early adopters’ stage for a long time; an expansion must become a priority.

This thoughtful, detail orientated book offers an unusual marketing approach for high-tech marketers and financiers. Although it may seem like a personal essay from time to time, Geoffrey Moore only wants to teach you- how to properly market new technologies. He establishes a complicated case covering different users (personalities) and citing renowned marketers to clarify why each consumer especially in the earliest development stage matters. Every so often, his marketing presentation can get a little tense. For instance, when Moore struggles to define consumer groups’ connection with one another, or how different high-tech marketers should commit to specific preferences. He creates his interpretation for the prosperity and breakdowns of unique high-tech marketing strategies, so the level of understanding relies on the connection between your perfectly designed theory, strategy, or approach and your company’s marketing plan. “Crossing the Chasm” is recommended for every reader interested in e-commerce, and the one ready to dive into the depths of high-tech marketing.

Who is this book for

Apparently, Geoffrey A. Moore has its reasons to write “Crossing the Chasm.” One of them was all the mistakes that he witnessed by harmful traditional and high-tech professionals. It all depends on reader’s spaciousness and intellect; these two elements are the primary foundation for a successful marketer to build on. The sad thing is that many advanced technological products cannot cross the “chasm” – they are not able to move from early adopters and expand to mass audiences. The reason for such a situation is the constant need for feedback that the high-tech professionals can hardly ever get. They need to know consumer’s behavior, how they live, sleep and think. It may seem strange, but Geoffrey main formula for success when launching a brand-new high-tech product or service is to establish an approach with one particular mindset; find the right market and never compete with other high-tech products – rely only on yourself.  This book is intended mostly for new marketers, for people who see future in different marketing industries like self-promotion, e-commerce and high-tech technologies.

Author’s expertise and short biography

Geoffrey A. Moore is an American-born organization theorist, manager, consultant and a writer. He was born on July 31, 1946, in Portland, Oregon U.S.A.  Moore in 1967 obtained his bachelor degree from Stanford University (American Literature) and seven years later he received a doctorate from the University of Washington (English Literature). Currently, Moore works in a consulting firm as a managing partner located in San Mateo, California, and he is engaged with a capital firm situated in California as well (Menlo Park). His writing career started in the90s and continued until this day. Till now he wrote: Inside the Tornado; Crossing the Chasm; Living on the Fault Line; and The Gorilla Game.

Key Lessons from “Crossing the Chasm”

  1.       Create long-term plan
  2.       It is important for a company to have a well-defined vision
  3.       Retail outlets still hold the number one spot

Create long-term plan

One of the best methods for launching advanced and new high-tech products is to build a long-term plan for expanding to a new audience after the product is being launched. This approach has its risks because it is a complete rarity to find a reliable data.

It is important for a company to have a well-defined vision

Any business can face its downfall or fall into the chasm between separate customer preferences because it’s difficult to satisfy each person separately. The same thing goes when the company lacks money to compete on the market successfully or when the business requires money from external sources to pursue new profitable markets. Company’s vision represents the basis for creating cost-effective marketing strategies, so it all starts from there.

Retail outlets still hold the number one spot

Distributing high-tech products always had its challenging parts. The traditional way of engaging with the customer relies on direct sales-retail shops, but the modern world opens up new channels and opportunities that a wise marketer must exploit. Many disagree that the 21st century has found a suitable replacement for retail outlets, even today the best way for creating demand goes to retail. Other channels are tricky with lots of fluctuating strengths.

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Crush It!

Gary Vaynerchuk became a cyber celebrity with his kooky wine blog, and he believes you are also capable of living your online dream.

You’ve probably heard a lot of motivational speakers and experts that say: A happy person turns his hobby into a regular job, which an individual would enjoy doing it on an ongoing basis. This statement was not supported by Gary Vaynerchuk who is an internet and business expert, he twists this idea into something more profound like: Quit your job that makes you sad and start looking for a profession that would bring you joy, excitement, and happiness. Let’s move beyond the concept of an idea and take his personal example: How did an immigrant from Belarus, climbed the financial ladder so fast and rose to fame in his 30s? Vaynerchuk simply realized that the Internet is not something that he must take advantage, he just made the best out of it with his Wine Library TV, the popular, a video blog that was published back in 2006. As an expert in brand development and internet marketing, Vaynerchuk unintentionally made his name a brand(well-known throughout the entire industry) in short amount of time, he is also a dominant authority on wines through his multiple imaginative Internet Webcasts. During his career, he faced a lot of criticism based on his style simplicity, according to many a much-needed change from the reserved mien of mostly wine critics. The development of step-by step programs has become a very popular method for educating people considering the unpredictable digital era that we live in.

Gary wanted to get the best of both worlds, through his step-by-step program a person should promote its brand using only social medias as Facebook, Twitter leading to lots of benefits like increased sales and profits. Nevertheless, once in awhile his approach can carry a dose of complexity– because Vaynerchuk somewhat childishly believes that anyone can emulate his personal success by following his methods. “Crush It” is not a motivation book only, anyone who has read it would say that Vaynerchuk’s honest and transparent advice led him/her to believe that they also are worthy of a change and success. Life-changing book great for new entrepreneurs, students and all those interested to find out more about Social Media’s  “magic”.
For instance: If you are passionate about cooking, playing some instrument, hiking or skydiving, Gar advises you to quit your job immediately and start establishing your social media presence that would not only give your profits but also transform your passion into your career.

Who is this book for

We can deny the fact that we are becoming the new generation of “modern slaves”, but deep inside we know that is true. Today’s companies treat its employees in a way that makes them feel like they are being exploited, Gary comes out with a solution that is intended only for the bravest of all. Are you among them? Test yourself and understand that the digital era allows you to make money in ways that were a distant reality even 20 years ago. Students, entrepreneurs, artists and even manual workers can find “Crush It” as an inspiring book because it teaches you to respect yourself, respect your time and happiness because if you don’t no one else will. Your life deserves laughter, deserves freedom and deserves optimism, according to Gary all these things are right at hand if you are brave enough to take what is rightfully yours.

Author’s expertise and short biography

As a Belorussian – born author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is deservedly among the leading figures of the Social Media era. Gary was born in the Soviet Union (Today’s Belarus) on November 14, 1975, he along side with his parents emigrated to the U.S. and later on, Gary graduated from Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts in the late 90s. Gradually and fairly he receives all the publicity from the media as an internationally recognized person and the author of several bestsellers. Vaynerchuk’s estimated net-worth is fluctuating around $ 160 million.

Key Lessons from “Crush It”

  1. Word-of-Mouth is the best marketing method
  2. Don’t provide your users with a regular content
  3. Establish your online presence and start making money

Word-of-Mouth is the best marketing method

Every successful online marketer uses social networking applications to establish and gain an online audience. Old-School marketing is limited to a location and audience, however, these online methods put your business in a position to interact with millions of people worldwide, those people will start talking about your services, sharing them, blogging and posting on their social media profiles. Social Media sites are representing your business and your personality and interests as well, you must use that advantage to establish new and renowned “personal brand”.

Don’t provide your users with a regular content

Display your personal brand to the world by providing exceptional and unique content. This is not an optional thing, It is crucial! If you provide regular information that the users are already familiar with, you will not grow as a business. Content development is a process that must be supervised by an expert in the industry, if you are not a such then find one!

Establish your online presence and start making money

Presently, your online brand is established on the market, the users already recognize you as a brand, this situation is providing loyal and demanding customers that you must satisfy, there is no time to waste- Now you can profit from your brand. You’ll know that time has come when your business reaches a stage where you’ll receive free products and samples from companies who have noticed your online presence and wish to make long-term collaboration with you.


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