Book Launch – Chandler Bolt’s Book Summary

Book Launch by Chandler Bolt

Sooner or later, almost everyone “wants to write a book someday or thinks they have a book inside them”. According to statistics published in The New York Times, almost 81% of the United States population sees things that way.

This percentage can easily be applied  at a global scale. I am not an exception to that and I’m pretty sure neither are you. Is it even possible to launch a book, have success and turn this into a business?

Best nuggets (visual quotes from books) and the summary of book below will help you to find the answer.


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So, allow me to tell you why I was  so delighted to read this book.  I found it not only very easy to read, but also a powerful How-To-Guide for aspiring authors everywhere.

“You don’t have to be a good writer to easily write a book and have it become a bestseller.”

With Book Launch, Chandler Bolt  practically invites his readers to join him in this  extraordinary journey of words and success.

“Writing a book is a gateway to so many other great adventures.”

Writing a book is a gateway to so many other great adventures.

Is this about talent? Courage? Consistency? Chandler Bolt  tells you exactly what you need and what steps you have to take.

And if your dream is to  become a best-selling author, this is the main book you should read.

Between the lines you’ll find a promise: to achieve your goals with the least amount of effort and maximum impact.

First, you will get a huge motivational boost, from listing the 7 main benefits of writing and publishing a book.

Then he  puts on stage all the steps you need to take to make the entire book-writing-and-publishing process as easy and efficient as possible.Subscribe to get more nuggets.

You’ll find below a selection of those steps:

  • Getting rid of inner limitations and fears;
  • Finding a personal purpose for your writing;
  • Deciding on a topic that suits you, offers value to your future readers and sells;
  • Mind-Map-Outline-Write and the most effective Writing-Plan;
  • Introduction, Title and Cover that get your readers hooked;
  • Revision and Editing with a little bit of help from professionals;
  • Building a Buzz for your Book and Pre-Launch;
  • The Kindle Book Launch.

And this is not all. You’ll have at your fingertips valuable information which you didn’t even aspire to reach.

You‘ll find general advice on writing and following through until your book is finished and also very specific information on how to use the Kindle-Self-Publishing- Method to your best advantage.

Chandler Bolt puts everything out in the open, leaving no information out or unanswered questions about how  each one of us can become a best-selling author in a very short amount of time.

Do you need the key to unlock the door of successful writing? Chandler gives you   3 of this kind:

  • Key #1: Fail First, Then Learn – This key is all about detaching yourself from the end result and not being afraid to fail. Just get out there and do it.
  • Key #2: Accountability – I highly recommend that you organize accountability among yourself when you begin writing your book. There’s no greater accountability than someone who’s alongside you going through the exact same process that you are.
  • Key #3: Take Consistent Action – Consistent action every day and continuing to work when the going gets tough is what will separate the successful (student) from the unsuccessful (student).

Despite all that, I’m sure that you’re still harsh and judgmental with yourself about how close or far you are from writing perfectly.

After reading Book Launch, I’m sure you’ll change your perspective. And that’s because throughout the entire book, the most valuable advice Chandler Bolt gives us is:

“Done is better than perfect!”

Done is better than perfect.

Without action and consistency there will be no results.

In fact,  this is a commonly known truth, yet many of us  still ignore it.

Stand out and start taking action! Make the first step and know that Chandler Bolt’s “Book Launch” will guide you through the entire process.

To launch a book truly is a great thing and can act as the foundation to building a successful business that you and your future customers can profit from.

Are you afraid that writing is too vintage, too old fashioned?

Try to think about this: words are still the master of the human beings, and their favorite game is to write stories.

'Books aren't dead. They've been around for hundreds of years, and they aren't going anywhere any… Click To Tweet.

Books aren't dead. They've been around for hundreds of years, and they aren't going anywhere any time soon.

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