Peter Voogd’s Shortcut for Getting What You Want: 6 Months to 6 Figures

6 Months to 6 Figures

6 Months to 6 Figures by Peter Voogd

'Never let those who have given up on their dreams talk you out of yours.' @PeterVoogd23 Click To Tweet

says Peter Voogd in his book. You may think “Wise words for a young man!”

But, let’s start with the beginning: Who is Peter Voogd?

In brief, Peter Voogd is a young but experienced entrepreneur. Started his first business project at age 15 and at 22 he already experienced the bitter taste of failure, learnt how to overcome it and get back in business, again.


'Age doesn’t guarantee a higher income, value does.'@PeterVoogd23 Click To Tweet

After all those struggle times, starting with age 23 success seems to be on his side. His first 6 figure income was just the beginning of a great entrepreneurial adventure. Only few years later his earnings were over $1 million and he was thinking about extending his formula and to apply it in another industries.

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Now he is labeled as the leading authority for Gen Y leadership. He owns a TV show called “The Entrepreneur Grind” and he founded The Game Changers Academy – a networking community for young entrepreneurs.

This is not the first time when his books drawn our attention. We’ve already read and talked about Entrepreneur’s Blueprint few “book summaries ago”. And the same Peter Voogd was the protagonist of those entrepreneurial stories.

Until you start checking our nuggets slideshow (visual quotes from books) and reading this book, there are 6 main things you should know about  “6 Months to 6 Figures” :

  1. It is a guideline for any young entrepreneur
  2. The approach is beyond theories but well connected to reality
  3. It shows you the fastest and most effective ways to maximize your income
  4. Helps you design your entrepreneurial ideal lifestyle
  5. Proves you that bigger things can be done in less time
  6. Gets you closer to success.

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